Music Video Catalogue


What We've Done

We work collaboratively and professionally to produce great music videos for great artists.

Dizzy // Twist

Perhaps our greatest team effort to date, “Twist” is a video consisting of only two shots that, according to frontwoman Katie Munshaw, “captures the flow of the song" and “startled me a bit to see my memories brought back to life through wooden set designs.” – Exclaim

Sabby Sousa // Xanax

Sugar, spice, and everything nice meets insane asylum, “Xanax” by Sabby Sousa takes viewers on a servo-zoomed mind-warped journey. Full production by us (directed by Michael Pugacewicz).

Pine // Lusk

On a gorgeous summer afternoon, we directed and captured this ultra-catchy lazy Sunday video for Ottawa’s Pine, and Miguel Barbosa (Yeah Films) brought it together with the edit and colour.

Selfish Things // Blood

Another Directorial banger by Miguel Barbosa (Yeah Films), lensed by Ryan C. Glover, “Blood” was produced by our very own Sarah Pufek. The song is about “both the madness and desperation of death and illness. – frontman Alex Biro

Letdown // Pay No Mind

Directed & Edited by Miguel Barbosa (Yeah Films). Cinematography by us (Dakota Wotton). Animation by Karina Dywanski. Song produced by Terry Benn. Shot in our home studio.

Sleep On It // Under The Moment

Directed by our close friend Miguel Barbosa (Yeah Films), we shot “Under The Moment” digitally in 10-bit 4K w/ vintage lenses and a variety of softening filters, and had it printed and scanned onto 16mm film. The result is raw, dreamy, dirty, and full of character.

Grizzly Coast // Half-Light Boy

Directed by our very own Michael Pugacewicz, this video “presents the hardships of letting go in an eerie, horror-esque homage to one of Alannah’s favorite series, David Lynch’s Twin Peaks.” – Stage Right Secrets

Fake Age // Remember That, Love?

As much a short film put to music as a music video, “Remember That, Love?” was largely the brainchild of Adrian Poon, the artist behind Fake Age, who also scripted, storyboarded, and co-directed the piece.

Baby Girl // Soft

It was a true privilege getting to capture the visuals for this beautiful track by Baby Girl, as well as being able to work in the presence of such beautiful souls. Directed by Dylan Mitro. Cinematography and production by us.

Grizzly Coast // Zuzu's Petals

Filmed in the midsummer haze of late July, “Zuzu's Petals” is Grizzly Coast's debut music video. For this ultra catchy "folk-fuelled" indie-pop track about life after an ended relationship, we spent an intimate several days with singer/songwriter Alannah, capturing the story of a summer's day in blissful solitude.

Humble The Poet // I Will

The follow up to H.A.I.R., “I Will” is the second music video produced by Parliament Pictures for Humble The Poet. While H.A.I.R. was shot in just a couple days, production for I Will was much more ambitious, taking place over the course of several months and featuring a huge amount of local talent and variety of scenes around Toronto and the GTA.

Humble The Poet // H.A.I.R.

Shot entirely around Toronto's Regent Park/Corktown districts, and with the help of a ton of friends and helpful Torontonians, Parliament Pictures worked with Humble The Poet to produce the official music video for his hit track, “H.A.I.R.”, which features (in addition to a host of incredibly talented dancers, performers, and actors) the lovely Lilly Singh.

No Hustle // Surrogate Cigarette

Low-fi and low-budget! We and our good buddies from No Hustle made good use of various dollar store props in this guerrilla shoot. We had a lot of fun with it and hope you enjoy the antics!

BEIGE // Lake Superior

A humble winter music video directed, shot, and edited by our lead cinematographer, Dakota Wotton, for BEIGE.